Ui / Ux Design

I am co-owner of Little Loops, a design and software company where great user experience is woven into the development process from the start. With the rise of mobile computing, Little Loops is able to deliver websites and custom applications that offer great experiences on multiple platforms. We work together to take your vision to its full potential. 

In yesterday's world we packed functions as buttons, directly onto the remote controls for our TVs; now, we use devices that have more functions, yet are manipulated by much simpler controls. Our modern drive for complex functionality requires that we create simple systems of navigation and utility that can be widely applied to our digital media. Simplicity has both power and beauty. Complexity is important and should be organized, hidden, and reduced with a deft touch.

Ui is only one of the keys to good Ux.  

The Laws of Simplicity: Law 10

"Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful."


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